The Libertarian Party is No Longer a Membership Club

Steve Gordon reports that the Libertarian National Committee has passed the Squyres proposal for zero dues. That's right, boys and girls, our little party is growing up. No longer will your LP bona fides consist of whether or not you sent the Party your $25 this year. Rather than requiring you to pony up the dough to be a member of the party, we're going to use the voluntary approach of encouraging you to pony up the dough, with such libertarian tactics as guilt and shame.

Hey, it works for those other parties.

Yours truly,
Mr. X



Anonymous said...

Not to be a cheapskate or anything but www.lp.org has no updates on this here information you've given.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this blog in its entirety today. It's great to meet other angry Libertarians.

Well, I thought about changing my voter registration to Independent because I thought the local party was getting a bit wimpy. It's a long story, but I'm getting tired of the Libertarians in my area who ask us to censor our speech or want us to refrain from talking about heinous taxing crimes against the community because they want to score a few points in politicial circles in order to win office.

Thanks to you, I'm taking heart that the passion that is libertarianism isn't dead, yet...maybe I'm just not meeting the right Libertarians.

Keep Writing....please.