Without government, who would steal the children?

This is probably the worst thing you will read today.  Local UK government detained a mentally ill woman, gave her a caesarean section without consent, took her baby and is giving it up for adoption.

Without government, who would steal the children?


Governmental Pussification of Mass Killing

I know right?  The title just about says it all.  I could stop now and you’d have the gist of my message, yet there are issues at hand that need to be stated—that haven’t been stated—and I will state them, because the Constitution of this country gives me that prerogative.  However, before I delve into the government’s response let me briefly put forth some common sense commentary about the killer himself:

Yea, he’s a fucking Muslim.  Let’s not pretend that our collective jaw did not drop when we first heard his name—and the government knew that this collective (jaw dropping) would occur.  In response they stalled, consulted, and constructed a plan of action…but I’ll get back to our elected officials.  I was watching Fox News at the time (while a retired General was being interviewed) when the killer’s name leaked.  When asked to comment, said General responded (essentially):  “My jaw just dropped.” 

The killer, whom all reports demonstrate, (no matter how they try to spin facts), is a pussy of biblical proportions.  The United States Military spent tax payer’s money (to the tune of half million dollars) on this (so-called) officer’s education.  Common sense would dictate that when someone (anyone) who spends that kind of money on you—well, you’re their bitch.  He took a ride on the gravy train and then hid behind the cloak of religion when reality kicked in—which it always does. 

In addition, let us not pretend that this wasn’t a terrorist attack; let us not pretend that this is yet another indictment on the evils of religion; and let us not pretend that our pretentious, socialist, irrational, politically correct media (and government) did not pull out all the stops in a pretentious attempt to dull over the rational facts of this case. 

Enter, the leader of the free world:  President Hussein Obama.  For about five minutes I was sure that the commentary I was watching was a bad feed.  I’m not even sure what the hell he was referring to!  Didn’t a shit load of American military members just get gunned down on a military installation?  What the fuck is he talking about?!?  But then after five minutes (or so) of worthless, confusing commentary he finally refers to the shooting. 

Basically, the American people are told to wait until the facts of the case present themselves.  However, the American majority are not so stupid that they do not realize that the leader of the free world has been fully briefed (at this early stage) as to every single ridiculously ugly detail.  “Allah is great!”  Bang. Bang.  He knew! 

Also, let us not pretend that we do not see the irony in this:  said killer is a fucking psychiatrist who worked with PTSD inflicted soldiers.  The legitimate ones.  I do not, will not, (for one second), agree with Dr. Phil that the killer essentially “freaked out” due to stress of a deployment.  He should know better, and his comments show him (at best) as ignorant to reality, and (at worse) a fraud to his profession. 
Medical military personnel are considered “non-combatants”.  They’re not even issued a weapon for deployments, so how the hell could he justify the stance that “uh, I don’t want to be a Muslim, killing other Muslims?” 


  1. This was a terrorist attack, performed by a known Muslim extremist. 

  1. The Army did not perform a proper background and/or security clearance, and/or psychological profile of this particular officer in the initial stages or later still when irrefutable evidence of his weak/contaminated moral nature presented itself. 

  1. There was a break down in chain of command communication and execution when the emotional cracks began to show, ie pro arab militant comments, anti-war comments to co-workers, slideshow presentations that were not only questionable but concerning, internet postings, etc. 

  1. Mental health workers are held to higher standards of emotional stability and are held to careful scrutiny of performance, both by military and civilian certification processes.  Personnel responsible for the integrity of this system failed. 

  1. The killer did not suffer from PTSD.  He suffered from cowardice and Muslim fundamentalism, but I’m sure that’s one in the same. 


Sunshine & Taxes

I watched a documentary the other day—something I spend an embarrassing amount of time doing. It was one of those apocalyptic, the earth is dying, Al Gore rules and on and on.

Yet it made perfect sense—that the earth was designed to support a billion people, but then mankind discovers OIL (consider it pockets of ancient sunshine, or energy) and now the earth can support a billion times infinity people, and thus we start pro-creating and pumping tons of human beings out into the ample pits of the black liquid sunshine that abounds.

But there’s a catch according to this documentary. There always is.

The oil is running out (or going peak as the experts call it). Peak oil, described as half the oil on earth being tapped. So. Now, the earth is over saturated with people who consume and over tax this natural earth life giving support.

In my analytical mind the answers start pouring in like used sludge, and it’s not long before I conclude… wait for it…wait for it…

We just need to start killing off worthless motherfuckers. YEA! You’ve seen them, there fucking everywhere! Worthless mother fuckers abound. They’re the ones who don’t know how to accelerate in merge lanes—the dumb fucks who always come to a complete stop. Let’s off these bastards and hog our fair share of the ancient liquid fucking sunshine!

But wait. There’s a problem with this theory. Fuck, there always is.

The problem is that progressives have spent our share of money for the next two hundred and fifty fucking million years on worthless fucking programs. Thus, we need these worthless, medicated, non-driving mother fuckers to pay taxes! Fuck.

Has this set in with you yet? Have you glimpsed the raw fucking implications of this deal? No? Well let me clear it up. That jackoff co-worker who doesn’t do shit but talk to his slut girlfriend all day, take long lunches and toss your boss’s salad is the only thing in between you and the Chinese motherfuckers owning your silly ass.

You need him.

But wait, my analytical mind demands…let’s put these fucks to work in factories to produce porn toys and pay off the Chinese. Nope. That won’t work because unions will jump in and demand that we pay the fucks 10 times their worth. Then progressives will set regulations that we can’t chain the doors shut, and that the dildo manufacturing equipment will have to meet some fucking unrealistic safety measure.

Worse yet, they’ll spend our money having staff meetings (yuck) about how we have to insure these worthless cattle, and the EPA will have their say about dildo dust getting into the landfills. OSHA will chime in that we’ll have to provide safety glasses so the dumb fucks don’t poke out there eyes with the anal plugs and then we’re back to fucking zero again.

Fuck. Wait…nope, that’s it.


Your Own Private Afghanistgan

According to Fox News today, mother fuckers are dying in Afghanistan. I don’t mean just, US, British, Afghan civilians, militant warlords—I mean EVERY fucking body. I haven’t heard too much about embedded media fucks this time around. I mean, there are likely some there, but these cats are the ones with facial ticks, with wives so fucked up they’d rather eat lead in 140 degree heat than deal with their Paxil gobbling , low libido, whiny fucking fat asses. Where was I?

Oh, yea so all these fuckers are all together on this burned out scab of a country killing each other. Does anyone have any answers into…oh….errr……WTF is going on!! <--TWO exclamation points…you knew that shit was coming! Have we all gone completely fucking dumb due to the florescent lights down at the Super Wal-Mart?

\Note: the wife recently informed me that the Wal-Mart, red-vested mother fuckers have started painting the inside of their stores green. Obviously, that can’t be…must have been the PBR interacting with my meds again.

But, yea, so, in Afghan last month a whole school bus of elementary school kids get blown to the holy land. If our countries are so dumb as to participate in this mutual fucking self slaughter of astronomical proportions, shouldn’t they at least get the kids out? Most Americans didn't pick up on this news because they were too busy being jacked off by the media while being force fed all things Michael Jackson.

WTF is the US doing in that piece anyway? Are we still fucking working that pipe-line angle? Global positioning? New & inventive ways to drain the fucking economy? Who fucking knows really?

And I know some right-wing, religious nut, abortion doctor killer is going to go on and on about how we are stopping terrorism at its root. They can talk about how US efforts have culminated in zero attacks in the US since 911.

And maybe they’re right. Perhaps we should continue to act out of fear until there is nothing left of the great nation our founding fathers provided. We can all continue to watch reality tv, get into fist fights over NFL games, and walk around supermarkets with our blue tooth gadgets attached to our empty fucking melons.

Listen, between the US & the former Soviet Block heads, nothing is left of Afghanistan other than a huge fucking parking lot without the black-top. You’re not fighting a war on terror any more than we were halting the spread of communism during Vietnam. You cannot physically beat idealism. And surely invading their holy land & killing bitches will not endear us in the deranged mind of a terrorist. “I was gonna blow your shit up, but now, uh, we’re cool.”

But this gets interesting: according to the AP article, “A police chief in a neighboring province said a Western airstrike Wednesday night killed five farmers loading cucumbers into a taxi. The U.S. initially said the men were militants who had been seen placing weapons into a van. The American military said later in the day that they had been seen planting wire-controlled roadside bombs.”

And later that day they were seen throwing radio-active camel poop at each other. So, yea, I’m asking the same question you are right now: with all this sinister “James Bond” shit going on, why fuck with the cucumbers? When this reporter inquired of said farmer, he replied mockingly, “Bitches gotta eat, yo!” No not really, I made that last part up.

But there HAS been a measurable drop in volunteerism at local cucumber farms. Naw, I made that shit up too.

And , look, man, I’m not fucking busting balls, or making light over the loss of US service members. I’m just really fucking pissed that whatever lame ass angle our government is propagating in that wasteland, over in that fucking cesspool, that our proud US men & women are paying the ultimate price.
Folks, people die in Afghanistan. It’s where one goes. It’s like going to Wal-Mart for brain damage, or McDonalds for heart failure. It’s a fucking dying ground, a killing field, and it must be stopped.

Fuck, I thought all this was over when Bush flew in on a jet fighting cock, stood like a peacock in a crotch hugging flight suit and announced victory.



Anyone Still Out There?

As you can see, the Angry Libertarian Alliance did not turn into a group blog attacking ridiculous government antics. There's only one Angry Libertarian writing here and I'm not even that angry anymore.

If you are interested in writing for this blog, leave a comment. If you still read this blog, leave a comment.

If neither of those things happen in the next week, I'm shutting it down.


PJM Purges Paul

Those bastards over at Pajamas Media have purged Ron Paul from their Presidential primary poll. I guess they were pissed off that An Army of Davidsgot together to help him win last week's poll.

You taste that? That's the bitter taste of irony!


Stupid Bureaucrat Evicts Man from Van

After an Indiana newspaper published a touching human interest story about a 93-year-old man living in a van with a little help from his friends, a local bureaucrat had to piss in his Wheaties by kicking him out:
Sheryl Crum was the employee from the housing division of the Marion County Health Department who visited Green's van after the story ran. She pronounced it in violation of the County housing code and therefore uninhabitable. Reporter Will Higgins explained the code requires that "a domicile have running water and electricity," and power cords and bathroom privileges at the towing company don't count.

The Star ran a follow-up piece about the eviction, which generated a furor over the Housing Authority's actions. Apparently we're not the only ones who think that it's ridiculous to kick an old guy out of his van.