Government to Steal Church for Development

Stephen Gordon at Hammer of Truth notes a shitty, though predictable, outgrowth of the Kelo v. New London decision. The government in Sand Springs, OK is taking a black church to redevelop a "rundown area of town".
With bulldozers churning up the earth at the front door, the small Centennial Baptist Church in this struggling industrial hub west of Tulsa seems about to fall to the wrecker.

The Rev. Roosevelt Gildon in his Centennial Baptist Church, in Sand Springs, Okla. The church is resisting the city's plan to clear the church and other occupants to make way for superstores like the Home Depot.

But the construction is just roadwork, for now. And that is all it will ever be if the congregation has its way.

"The Lord didn't send me here to build a minimall," said the longtime pastor, the Rev. Roosevelt Gildon

Admittedly, the city is not using eminent domain yet; they're just keeping it as a last resport, if they can't come to an agreement on the price of the buyout. So, either negotiations are successful, or we steal your church. What an option.

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Mr. X



Anonymous said...

Once again, government on every scale asserts it's power over the people. Such intolerable acts cannot be allowed to stand, nor should the attitudes of officials who have traded their Love of Country for the Love and Lust of Filthy Lucre. The time is close at hand when the People of this Nation must take a stand to restore the Republic and defend the Constitution against such Neo-Fascist ideologies. The Standard that we must Lift is that of the Constitution, and any government, from the federal to local which treads upon the Constitution should be considered a Rogue regime. Any law, code, regulation or statute which violates the Bill of Rights should be ignored. Resistance to all tyranny, in any form, from any government or agency must become paramount in the minds of the People. Our strength and power rest in our ability to refuse blind obedience to the ever-growning threat of tyranny that the governments within this country exert over the People. We must stand and fight, or will we eventually lose this Nation to those whose ideologies promote Totalitarian Fascism.
Success takes commitment to the ideals of the extreme transformation of this nation's politics and policies. Without such commitment, there will be no change. The necessary acts of dissent, rebellion, and radical transformation will not be an easy choice for most people, including those who espouse Libertarian views. It is in the nature of men to wait until things become so intolerable that they are then forced to act upon their convictions. Until that happens, we will continue down the road of our political malaise. Eventually, as the State continues nurturing tyranny, revolution may be this nation's only choice.

th3rmite said...

All I can say is that things are going from bad to worse when they can get away with stealing a church. I believe that this country is headed for a major change. We are at a cross roads when things will either become better or worse. Either way, in the coming years America is going to be alot different than today. I sure hope it is for the better.

Mr. X said...

As I've noted elsewhere, there's a bright side to the Kelo ruling and eminent domain abuses that followed; they bring to light the existing state of the law.

The only question is what Americans are going to do (or not do) with this new awareness.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...trying to keep the issues out there...