Republicans Accuse Libertarians of Stealing

Ramesh Ponnuru blames a Republican loss in Indiana on a Libertarian candidate "taking votes from him."

If Sodrel loses in Indiana, as looks likely, it may be because a libertarian candidate took votes from him. The same thing happened to keep Slade Gorton from winning re-election to the Senate and to keep Jon Ensign from beating Harry Reid. So far, losing because of libertarians hasn't caused Republicans to move toward the libertarians ideologically. But maybe things will change this time.

For the last time, they're not your votes, you goddamned smug Republicans! You want the votes, earn them, don't blame Libertarians for stealing them from you.


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I know where you are coming from. Its a bit annoying when we get blamed for the shortcomings of the two party system. They think of this as a game and less of a democracy in my mind.