First they came for the fat guys

...and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a fat guy. The Sun reports that the UK government has decided to lock up a fat guy for, well, being fat.

SOBBING 31-stone [434 lbs. -Ed.] Chris Leppard was dragged off to a mental hospital against his will by meddling social workers and police.

Chris, 23, has been forcibly detained for a month because he cannot stop eating.

The authorities used powers normally used to detain mentally ill people who might harm themselves or others.

They locked him up despite the fact neither he nor his family wanted him to go. Last night Chris’s furious mother Anne said he has no mental problems and was winning his fight against the rare illness that compels him to eat.

Ain't National Health grand? Also contained in this little gem of an article is the impetus for this blog.

Angry Libertarian Alliance spokesman Dr Sean Gabb said: “What on earth justifies the intervention of the police and compels him to have medical treatment?”

Now I'm pretty sure that Dr. Gabb is merely the angry spokesman for the Libertarian Alliance and that the Sun's copy editor should be summarily fired, but it got me and a few other angry libertarians thinking, "There ought to be an Angry Libertarian Alliance."

And now there is.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...angry libertarian-in-chief...


Anonymous said...

What isn't justified in the name of the public good nowdays?
Depending on where you are it seems they can take your house and land away, they can take away any weapon more lethal than a rubber band, they can (apparently) now lock you up in a fat camp, they used to take away your porn - does anyone still do that? I know here was recent U.S. congressional discussion of the "health risks" of pornography.

The general pattern seems to be:
We must provide X (health care, internet, food, general town services) because it is a good that is difficult for some to obtain so it is moral to force all to provide for the few.
Now that we provide X, anything you do that might cause you to even slightly use X is something that is no longer under your control. Please appeal to the court of public opinion to determine whether you will be allowed to keep your house/guns/porn/hamburgers.


Mark Forster said...

Hmm - perhaps he was a danger to himself? Or indeed to every Burger King and McD's in the area - they have to have stock for other customers you know ;)

Anonymous said...

Alas, "ALA" is taken. I propose a name change to "Alliance of Angry Libertarians"

Dark Banter said...

All I know is this has put me on an eating binge. I want to be the first American case! That and I want to sit upon my opponents and crush them!

Bitter Libertarian said...

Once we're out of fat people I'm afraid we're going to have serious problems. Someone's going to have to 'save' all of those runners who are out there destroying their knees. And next the bicyclists lowering their sperm count. For the love of life let's just all give up on eating/sleeping/exercising free will/living and repent now. Our souls will thank us.

the angry hippie said...

Crazy... In Florida we have a law known as the "Baker Act". It's purpose is to protect the mentally ill from themselves. As far as i know it's only used against minors - parents having their kids committed for being too skinny or alcoholism or whatnot.

I can't imagine they'd lock up anyone over 18 for being fat, but appearantly it happens elsewhere so you never know.

Mr. X said...

I can't imagine they'd lock up anyone over 18 for being fat, but appearantly it happens elsewhere so you never know.The UK is, how shall we put this, 'special.'

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...anger all around...

Flash said...

Perhaps they could try the same technique on our "fat" politicians who won't stop sucking off the public teat.