PJM Purges Paul

Those bastards over at Pajamas Media have purged Ron Paul from their Presidential primary poll. I guess they were pissed off that An Army of Davidsgot together to help him win last week's poll.

You taste that? That's the bitter taste of irony!

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Jeff said...

This happens a lot it seems. I love when Fox News had a text message poll on who won the debates and when Ron Paul won they brought on a bunch of commentators to say how much he sucked and they seemed to ignore the results on the bottom of the TV screen all night.

Then I love when somebody hosts a poll and then accuses us of cheating when Ron Paul wins.

But then again sometimes when this happens the Ron Paul community assembles and the flood of angry emails comes in. But it sounds like this site was lucky enough to evade the slew of emails that they could have received.