Anyone Still Out There?

As you can see, the Angry Libertarian Alliance did not turn into a group blog attacking ridiculous government antics. There's only one Angry Libertarian writing here and I'm not even that angry anymore.

If you are interested in writing for this blog, leave a comment. If you still read this blog, leave a comment.

If neither of those things happen in the next week, I'm shutting it down.

1 comment:

F. Willard Morris Jr said...


I'm very interested in writing, or taking over the Angry Lib. I am here, www.mediadismemberment.com, but I need a place to rant my hard core shit so this element of my writing doesn't go to waste. No I don't have shit for followers either, but I have some ideas. Leave me a proper email & I'll email you a recent article that's going to waste in my document folder.

All the best.