Governmental Pussification of Mass Killing

I know right?  The title just about says it all.  I could stop now and you’d have the gist of my message, yet there are issues at hand that need to be stated—that haven’t been stated—and I will state them, because the Constitution of this country gives me that prerogative.  However, before I delve into the government’s response let me briefly put forth some common sense commentary about the killer himself:

Yea, he’s a fucking Muslim.  Let’s not pretend that our collective jaw did not drop when we first heard his name—and the government knew that this collective (jaw dropping) would occur.  In response they stalled, consulted, and constructed a plan of action…but I’ll get back to our elected officials.  I was watching Fox News at the time (while a retired General was being interviewed) when the killer’s name leaked.  When asked to comment, said General responded (essentially):  “My jaw just dropped.” 

The killer, whom all reports demonstrate, (no matter how they try to spin facts), is a pussy of biblical proportions.  The United States Military spent tax payer’s money (to the tune of half million dollars) on this (so-called) officer’s education.  Common sense would dictate that when someone (anyone) who spends that kind of money on you—well, you’re their bitch.  He took a ride on the gravy train and then hid behind the cloak of religion when reality kicked in—which it always does. 

In addition, let us not pretend that this wasn’t a terrorist attack; let us not pretend that this is yet another indictment on the evils of religion; and let us not pretend that our pretentious, socialist, irrational, politically correct media (and government) did not pull out all the stops in a pretentious attempt to dull over the rational facts of this case. 

Enter, the leader of the free world:  President Hussein Obama.  For about five minutes I was sure that the commentary I was watching was a bad feed.  I’m not even sure what the hell he was referring to!  Didn’t a shit load of American military members just get gunned down on a military installation?  What the fuck is he talking about?!?  But then after five minutes (or so) of worthless, confusing commentary he finally refers to the shooting. 

Basically, the American people are told to wait until the facts of the case present themselves.  However, the American majority are not so stupid that they do not realize that the leader of the free world has been fully briefed (at this early stage) as to every single ridiculously ugly detail.  “Allah is great!”  Bang. Bang.  He knew! 

Also, let us not pretend that we do not see the irony in this:  said killer is a fucking psychiatrist who worked with PTSD inflicted soldiers.  The legitimate ones.  I do not, will not, (for one second), agree with Dr. Phil that the killer essentially “freaked out” due to stress of a deployment.  He should know better, and his comments show him (at best) as ignorant to reality, and (at worse) a fraud to his profession. 
Medical military personnel are considered “non-combatants”.  They’re not even issued a weapon for deployments, so how the hell could he justify the stance that “uh, I don’t want to be a Muslim, killing other Muslims?” 


  1. This was a terrorist attack, performed by a known Muslim extremist. 

  1. The Army did not perform a proper background and/or security clearance, and/or psychological profile of this particular officer in the initial stages or later still when irrefutable evidence of his weak/contaminated moral nature presented itself. 

  1. There was a break down in chain of command communication and execution when the emotional cracks began to show, ie pro arab militant comments, anti-war comments to co-workers, slideshow presentations that were not only questionable but concerning, internet postings, etc. 

  1. Mental health workers are held to higher standards of emotional stability and are held to careful scrutiny of performance, both by military and civilian certification processes.  Personnel responsible for the integrity of this system failed. 

  1. The killer did not suffer from PTSD.  He suffered from cowardice and Muslim fundamentalism, but I’m sure that’s one in the same. 

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